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  • eGo One 2200mAh Single Kit (Silver) thumbnail 5
  • eGo One 2200mAh Single Kit (Silver) thumbnail 6
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eGo One 2200mAh Single Kit (Silver)

Tiny in size, huge in performance - from OVALE comes razor sharp electronic cigarette technology. The eGo ONE is quite simply the best performing device in its class. The eGo ONE delivers vapor and flavor previously only found in much larger ecigarettes. You'll be amazed by the massive clouds and crystal clear flavor transmission coming from a device that fits in the palm of your hand! Innovation at its finest, the eGo ONE uses two different atomizers to accommodate mouth inhaling and lung inhaling. Both heads produce an utterly fantastic vape - the 1.0Ω CL head is perfect for vapers that first draw a puff into the mouth and then take the vapor down to the lungs (mouth inhale). The 0.5Ω CL head is a true sub ohm coil designed for vapers that enjoy taking vapor directly from the vaporizer into their lungs (lung inhale). The eGo ONE is the only ecigarette that provides two different vaping experiences by just changing the atomizer head.

The incredibly powerful eGo ONE sports a 2200mAh battery and combines both retro and futuristic aspects. Retro because it goes back to its eGo roots with the classic three piece design (battery-tank-atomizer head), futuristic because every aspect of it has been modified to fit the needs of modern vapers. The eGo ONE is full of useful features and options too. Made from stainless steel, the eGo ONE is built for durability and convenience. The 2.5ml tank is the product of countless hours of research to make it 100% leak-proof. It's very easy to fill too, you just disconnect the atomizer and pour in liquid - no fuss, no mess! That's not all, the eGo ONE is packed with cutting edge features that include short circuit protection, low voltage protection, 5-click on/off function, and a 15 second cut-off time. The eGo ONE is also equipped with an adjustable air flow mechanism that lets you to choose how much air flows through it. Adjustable air flow is an absolutely brilliant feature because you can personalize the vape according to your inhalation strength and get the exact amount of vapor you want. Aside from being an extremely practical and convenient electronic cigarette, the eGo ONE comes with two thermally insulated mouthpieces (metal and organic glass). We are definitely not exaggerating when we say the eGo ONE has everything that makes a good ecigarette great!

Bottomline? The eGo ONE fully deserves to be a part of your vaping arsenal!

The eGo ONE Kit Contains:
1 X 2200mAh Battery
1 X 2.5ml Atomizer Tube
1 X 0.5Ω CL Atomizer Head
1 X 1.0Ω CL Atomizer Head
1 X Atomizer Base
1 X Metal Mouthpiece
1 X Organic Glass Mouthpiece
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X User Manual
Summary: The eGo ONE kit contains one complete e-cigarette. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your e-cigarette purchase.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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