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eGrip Box Mod (Wood)

We proudly present brand new vaping technology for 2015 - the OVALE eGrip. This beautiful wooden box mod is the very latest in vaping power technology and features everything you can think of - extreme vapor performance in terms of both vapor volume and flavor transmission, incredible physical appeal, and the very best of portable variable wattage (VW) technology! Why is variable wattage better? Because with VW, you don't need to adjust voltage levels manually. The eGrip automatically checks the atomizer resistance and adjusts itself to work at optimal voltage levels. With the OVALE eGrip, you can rest assured you will be getting the very best vapor performance at all times!

Setting the wattage level is very easy, all you have to do is turn the round button on the side of the box clockwise or counter-clockwise. The eGrip offers wattage selection between 8W - 20W and has a maximum voltage output of 5.5V. Higher power levels mean more vapor per unit of time; likewise, lower power levels deliver less vapor. In this way, you can fully personalize your e-cigarette to deliver exactly the right amount vapor! The OVALE eGrip has a capacity of 1500mAh and works with the specially designed 1.5Ω CS atomizer head. It's very easy to change the atomizer too - you just unscrew the atomizer base at the bottom of the device, replace the head, and that's it! The eGrip is very practical in other ways as well. The transparent tank window let's you keep an eye on how much liquid you have left, thus ensuring that you never run out of juice. Speaking of e-liquid, filling the eGrip is very simple and straightforward - you just pop the cap on the side and fill directly without needing to disassemble anything. The 3.6ml liquid chamber is specially designed to accommodate large volumes of liquid so you don't have to worry about refilling during the day either!

Height: 99.5mm (including the mouthpiece)
Width: 46.4mm
Depth: 20.4mm

That's not all! The eGrip has further features that make it absolutely brilliant - such as the adjustable air flow system. With the eGrip, you can choose how much air flows through the device. The eGrip allows you to adjust the air inflow according to your inhalation strength to optimize your vaping experience. Do you normally take light puffs? Then you would adjust the air flow accordingly and wouldn't settle for unsatisfactory amounts of vapor. Do you usually take longer drags? If so, you would again adjust the air flow to match your inhalation strength and not get an overload of vapor. Changing the air flow setting is extremely simple too, all you do is turn the adjustment dial left or right; turning it clockwise reduces air flow, turning it counter-clockwise increases it - simple, effective, and very useful! The eGrip also features passthrough technology that allows you to vape with it while it's being charged. Additionally, the small and portable design lets you carry it around in your pocket or bag.

OVALE eGrip - small size, huge performance, killer looks!

The eGrip Kit Contains:
1 X Mouthpiece
1 X Box Body
2 X CS Atomizer Heads
1 X Atomizer Base
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X User Manual
Summary: The eGrip kit contains one complete e-cigarette. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your e-cigarette purchase.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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