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eGo CC Clearomizer (Silver)

As one the newest innovations in the eGo-C series, the OVALE eGo-CC clearomizer is the absolute pinnacle of atomizer technologies. The eGo-CC represents the most recent developments in airflow dynamics and draws air from the top of the device – by doing so, the OVALE eGo-CC has completely eliminated leakage issues. The eGo-CC is also very easy to use and features OVALE’s classic changeable atomizer heads. The 1.3ml e liquid chamber is perfect for day-to-day vaping and allows you to conveniently check e liquid levels at all times. The workmanship on the eGo-CC is rather phenomenal as well – not only is the clearomizer is made from the best quality materials available, the chamber window is perfectly flush with the metal part of the clearomizer.

To assemble the eGo-CC, first place the atomizer head onto the base. Then, place the lock onto the atomizer head and turn it until it you feel a snug fit. Once done, take this newly assembled piece and screw it into place at the bottom of the clearomizer cone. Then all you have to do is attach the mouthpiece and the eGo-CC will be fully assembled.

The eGo-CC puts an end to leakage problems once and for all.

  • Great throat hit, taste, and vapour production
  • Transmits flavor perfectly
  • Uses changeable atomizer heads
  • Industry standard eGo/510 threading
  • 510/910 removable drip tip
  • Large chamber, very easy to fill
  • No leakage whatsoever
Available Colors
eGo-CC Kit Contents:
1 X Mouthpiece
1 X Clearomizer Cylinder (Cone)
1 X Clearomizer Base
1 X Clearomizer Lock
1 X Atomizer Head
1 X User Manual
Summary: The eGo-CC comes with an atomizer head but you will need e-liquid. Please click here to view our extensive range of premium e-liquids.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid

Warning: The eGo-CC should not be disassembled right after using it because the metal parts expand with heat. If you need to disassemble your eGo-CC to refill it or to change the head, make sure to wait for it to cool down for a few minutes and then disassemble.

Warning: Keep out of reach from children and pets. Repeated external shocks from dropping, throwing, and other harsh movements may cause failure and/or leakage. Please store in a safe place to prevent damage - in a case or pouch if possible. Keep away from flames, fire, stoves, and/or other hot places. Do not store with sharp or hard objects such as pens, machinery, etc. Wipe away excess liquid and condensation when necessary.

Warranty: The eGo-CC clearomizer is a consumable and has a limited warranty that covers the first 24 hours from the date of purchase. Warranty applies to manufacturing defects only. Warranty does not cover accidental damage resulting from improper use. It does not cover damages from normal wear and tear such as peeling paint or scratches. The item is non-refundable once package is opened.

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