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emini Double Kit (Black & White)

A brand new kit for a brand new year - the gorgeous emini black and white kit brings together everything you need when it comes to slim electronic cigarettes! The emini is an extremely practical cig-a-like device with the dimensions of a normal cigarette. Designed for maximum portability, it fits in your pocket or bag - you can take it with you wherever you go. Aside from being super convenient, the emini delivers an astonishing vapor performance typical of world-renowned OVALE quality. Petite and powerful, the emini comes complete with a newly introduced smart charging system that considerably reduces charge time - and you don’t even need to disassemble it! Simply place the emini into the portable Personal Charging Case (PCC) and that's it. The emini features OVALE's classic changeable atomizers. Slim and strong, the emini uses the same powerful atomizers used by the eGo-C, elips-C, and the eCab. As with every OVALE e-cigarette, the ultra-functional emini design allows you to quickly check and change the atomizer head with minimal fuss!

The emini isn't just about breath-taking looks and portability; it is the leading electronic cigarette in its class in terms of vapor production. So much so, in fact, you will utterly em>amazed by how much vapor it produces! The amount of vapor is, of course, one of the most important aspects of an electronic cigarette but the emini is also exceptional when it comes to flavor transmission. The taste from liquid to vapor is passed on with no loss whatsoever! One of the best aspects of this kit is that it comes with one black, one white e-cigarette. All you have to do is choose which color to want to use that day!

Performance, portability, esthetics - the emini tops the charts in every imaginable category!

emini Features:
  • Easy to fill tank system that doubles as a mouthpiece.
  • Automatic battery (no buttons to push, works automatically when you inhale).
  • Automatic time-out feature to help prevent damage to the atomizer.
  • Automatic time out to help prevent damage to the atomizer.
  • 1090mAh portable Personal Charging Case (PCC).
The emini Black & White Kit Contains:
2 X Atomizer Head
1 X 90mAh Battery (Black)
1 X 90mAh Battery (White)
1 X Atomizer Sleeve (Black)
1 X Atomizer Sleeve (White)
4 X Tank Cartridge
1 X 1090mAh PCC
1 X PCC Charging Cable (USB)
1 X USB Wall Adapter
1 X User Manual
Summary: The emini black and white kit contains two complete e-cigarettes. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your purchase.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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