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eGo CC Double Kit (Black)

Fresh technology for a fresh year - the 650mAh OVALE eGo CC kit is one of the most advanced electronic cigarettes to hit the market in 2015! The beauty of the eGo CC lay in the atomizer system that has been designed and perfected over months of detailed research and development. The result is so effective that you can really feel the difference in the quality of the vape! The difference is that the clearomizer is designed to take in air from the top - this innovation in airflow dynamics translates into a phenomenal vaping experience with absolutely no leakage problems! The eGo CC isn't just about high performance, it's also an incredibly practical ecigarette. It works with OVALE's classic changeable atomizer heads so you don't need different kinds of atomizers. To assemble the eGo-CC, first place the atomizer head onto the base. Then, place the lock onto the atomizer head and turn it until it you feel a snug fit. Once done, take this newly assembled piece and screw it into place at the bottom of the clearomizer cone. Then all you have to do is attach the mouthpiece and your e-cigarette will be fully assembled.

The 1.3ml e liquid chamber is perfect for day-to-day vaping and allows you to conveniently check e liquid levels at all times. The workmanship on the eGo CC is quite impressive as well – not only is the clearomizer is made from best quality materials, the chamber window is perfectly flush with the metal part of the clearomizer. The advantages of the eGo CC doesn't stop there! You can use any eGo battery with the clearomizer, a fact that makes the eGo CC one of the most versatile electronic cigarettes on the market today! Cutting-edge technology, show-stopping looks - the eGo CC is guaranteed to make you the center of attention wherever you go!

The eGo CC puts an end to leakage problems once and for all.

  • High capacity 650mAh battery
  • Great throat hit, taste, and vapour production
  • Transmits flavor perfectly
  • Uses changeable atomizer heads
  • Industry standard eGo/510 threading
  • 510/910 removable drip tip
  • Large chamber, very easy to fill
  • No leakage whatsoever
  • Looks utterly fantastic
Διαθέσιμα Χρώματα
The eGo CC Kit Contains:
2 X 650mAh Battery
2 X eGo CC Clearomizer
2 X eGo CC Atomizer Heads
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X USB Wall Adapter
Summary: The eGo CC kit contains two complete e-cigarettes that allows two people to vape simultaneously. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your e-cigarette purchase.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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