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emini Duo Kit (Black)

One of OVALE's many best selling series, the emini line has grown to be used by countless vapers worldwide. OVALE has responded to this phenomenal growth with the emini Duo - elegant, slim, and full of razor sharp ecigarette technology. The emini Duo is built with original OVALE components, so you are guaranteed an original product. The innovative design and exclusive technology make the emini Duo an extremely fashionable ecigarette that is both practical and powerful. From a completely redesigned atomizer head to supermodel looks, the emini Duo is a product of vaping perfection!

Capacity: 105mAh
PCC Capacity: 2000mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Resistance: 2.2Ω
Tank Volume: 0.6ml
Type: Automatic (no buttons)

The emini Duo comes with a personal charging case (PCC) that always keeps your ecigarettes charged up. Made from polished metal, the PCC is quite small so you can take it pretty much anywhere you want. Esthetics and power are definitely important, but the emini Duo doesn't stop there. You actually get top quality performance to go along with looks! Everything about the emini Duo is designed to optimize the vaping experience in the slim ecigarette category. The emini Duo is an automatic ecigarette that doesn't need a firing button. There are no leakage problems. The volts, ohms and similar parameters are perfectly proportioned to fit the needs of hands-free vaping. The new atomizer head is changeable too, whenever you want a fresher vape you just switch heads. The head features a bottom heating coil that gives off impressive amounts of vapor with great flavor transmission levels and a very respectable throat hit. This is actually why the emini line became world famous - a supreme quality vapor performance in every way, the emini Duo is one the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

Ecigarette Length x Width: 100mm x 9.2mm
PCC Length x Width x Depth : 105mm x 65mm x 12.5mm

No worrying about charging your ecigarette; the PCC can charge your emini Duo several times before needing a charge itself. You just plug in into a USB port, and it charges up! Using the PCC is quite straightforward too. Just place your ecigarette in one of the slots in the PCC. The LED light will turn blue while charging and will automatically turn off when charging is done (around 25-30 minutes). If your e-cigarette is fully charged and you want to carry it in the PCC, all you have to do is place it into the PCC in reverse - easy to use and very convenient. The same ease of use applies to the new atomizer heads. To change heads, you unscrew the atomizer cone from the battery. After changing the head, push the atomizer cone onto the battery and lock it by twisting clockwise.

Technology and progress in action - the emini Duo.

Tip: When injecting liquid into the tank, always leave a small air pocket to accommodate the atomizer spike.

Available Colors
The emini Duo Kit Contains:
1 X Mouthpiece
1 X Atomizer Cone
1 X Atomizer Head
1 X 105mAh Battery
1 X 2000mAh PCC
1 X PCC Charging Cable (USB)
1 X User Manual
Summary: This kit contains one complete e-cigarette. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your e-cigarette purchase.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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