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Delta II Clearomizer (Sub Ohm)

Here is OVALE's follow up to the extremely successful and hugely popular Delta clearomizer! The OVALE Delta II is fully sub ohm capable and focuses on a truly revolutionary technology: customization of the liquid flow. This brand new technology will forever change your ideas about how a clearomizer should be. The Delta II is definitely an over-achiever with the brand new liquid valve controller (LVC) slots on the changeable sub ohm head - this means you can actually choose the amount of liquid that goes into the coils! More on LVC technology later, but we should also mention that the Delta II is made from stainless steel, supports batteries between 20W - 50W and can be vaped with changeable RBA/RDA heads!

Height: 70.5mm (incl. mouthpiece)
Diameter: 22mm
Capacity: 3.5ml

LVC - Liquid Valve Control

As we said before, the OVALE Delta II lets you adjust the liquid flow - it might not be immediately apparent, but this is an extremely beneficial feature. Before we go into details, it will be good to expand on the liquid valve control system: The adjustment ring to control the liquid flow is located on the bottom on the LVC coil head. The way it works is, you turn the ring on the atomizer head clockwise or counter-clockwise (like you would do to adjust air flow). By doing so, you determine the amount of juice allowed to flow over the coil. The liquid controller has three slots placed equidistant around the coil head. The logic is, once again, like adjusting air flow - if the LVC slot is opened more, you get more liquid on the coil. Basically, the more you open the slots, the more liquid you get. We should also mention that controlling the liquid flow is only possible using Delta II's LVC atomizer heads. So, that's the LVC system, but how about why you'd want this feature? In short, you want LVC for the best possible vaping experience you can have. Take a moment and think about how adjustable air flow technology made vaping better. The same concept applies to the LVC system - you can fully personalize your vape according to your personal preferences. For example, if you enjoy lung inhaling (lung hits), you can open the LVC and allow more juice to flow onto the coils. Likewise, if you enjoy mouth inhaling (mouth hits), you would not have the slots open too much, because mouth hits are shorter and weaker compared to lung hits. Being able to adjust the amount of liquid flowing onto the coils has another advantage; you will never, ever get dry hits!

LVC technology is, without a doubt, innovation at its finest. But the OVALE Delta II is also remarkable for its precision designed, super smooth air flow adjustment mechanism as well. Two air holes on the atomizer base work together to achieve stellar air flow dynamics. To change the amount of air flowing through the clearomizer, you turn the air flow adjustment ring clockwise or counter-clockwise; less air flow means a harder puff, more air flow means a lighter puff. If you prefer taking mouth hits, less air flow is preferable. Conversely, if you enjoy taking lung hits, increased air flow is better.

RBA/RDA Vaping

The OVALE Delta II supports an RBA/RDA vaping system, where we define RBA as a "Rebuildable Atomizer" and an RDA as a "Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer". These atomizer heads are different from the ready-to-vape LVC heads that come with the Delta II. If you choose to vape with the RBA/RDA component, prepare to be pleasantly surprised because it's very easy to use. The Delta II sports an easy to access deck that features a superbly tooled wall and chimney. It is a single coil system with a pre-installed coil that makes it a plug-and-play feature. Since the RBA heads are rebuildable, they can function as a dripper type head after you remove the outer casing. The Delta II is utterly phenomenal and delivers a truly excellent vape as an RDA! Please note RBA/RDA heads are not included with the kit.

Pro tips: When taking mouth hits, close the LVC slots. Otherwise, you will flood the coils, and this will cause leaks. It is also important to mention that the Delta II heads will not work good with low wattage batteries. For the best results, we suggest using batteries with a minimum output of 20W, if not more.

The Delta II Kit Contains:
1 X Delta II Clearomizer Tube
1 X Delta II Atomizer Base
2 X Delta II 0.5Ω LVC Atomizer Heads
1 X Delta II Mouthpiece (Wide Bore)
Summary: The Delta II contains one complete clearomizer kit. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your e-cigarette purchase.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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