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Our Unwavering Belief In Electronic Cigarettes


There aren’t many things as satisfying as working for/with a company that sells products that you actually believe in. Sometimes we can’t help but compare ourselves with individuals that work for analog cigarette companies and every time we do, we end up thanking our respective deities for not having to work in such an environment where the products sold cause tragic illnesses and slowly kill people. No, because we feel these people sell a part of their soul along with cigarettes every time someone buys a pack of smokes.

At Ovale Greece, we are people who quit smoking via electronic cigarettes. And, as such, we naturally have a deep and wide understanding of all things ecig. We know about how great it is to not have to huff and puff every time you go up a flight of stairs. We also know how terrible it is when you vape excessive amounts and get an earth-shattering headache. Like we said, we know quite a bit about the ups and downs of electronic cigarettes and are here to share all these first-hand experiences with you under Ovale Greece’s roof – plus we’re genuinely friendly people too : )

It’s also extremely gratifying to see the fruits of our labor. The ever-growing amount of electronic cigarette users across the planet sends a message wide and clear: We choose electronic cigarettes to quit smoking! There is obviously a reason why we are stressing this issue so adamantly; as you know, one of the main arguments over e-cigarettes today is that they are not nicotine replacement systems, let alone VIABLE ones! Terribly sorry but there are countless people on the face of the planet that have quit or reduced smoking with electronic cigarettes – what do you mean electronic cigarettes are not good for nicotine replacement? Nicotine patches are acceptable, nicotine gum is acceptable…but for some reason electronic cigarettes are not? We still don’t understand because you can search in Google and see that there are thousands upon thousands of people that have tried patches, gum, and various other methods to quit smoking but failed miserably until they came across electronic cigarettes. Why the misinformation? Why the disinformation?

Worry not, it’s not just doom and gloom - thankfully there are good developments as well. Scientific research is being carried out from Asia to Europe and beyond. The global public is coming around to the notion that electronic cigarettes are not only feasible alternatives to traditional smoking, but also the fact that electronic cigarettes are about basic human rights. Under a healthy regulatory regime, an individual should have the right to be able to consume electronic cigarettes as he/she sees fit. Instead of fighting an illogical and flawed battle, lawmakers should focus on regulating and taxing electronic cigarettes so the people get what they want and the public system gets more funding.

Thanks for reading - spread the word if you agree with us.

Ovale Greece Team

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