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OVALE. To us, it's all about delivering the finest electronic smoking products.

1. Company & Policy

Learn who we are, how we think and how we work.

2. Strategic Focus

We have a clearly defined goal and a never-ending desire to fulfill it.

3. Innovation

Innovation. For us, it's the only route leading to success.

4. Partnership

Honesty and hard work is what we expect. Vast opportunities is what we offer.

1. Company & Policy
Company & Policy

OVALE industries is a global alliance of companies committed to manufacturing and distributing the very finest electronic smoking products. Our goal is to bring stability and innovation to the currently unstable world of electronic cigarette products. Our first objective is to create a line of products that can perfectly simulate the pleasure of smoking without delivering all the negative side-effects associated with traditional tobacco products. Our secondary objective is to establish a worldwide chain of distributors who will serve our clients with integrity, competence and responsibility. It is only through the achievement of both those objectives that we will be able to bring the world of electronic smoking to a whole new level.

Robust Functionality

Continuous research and developement ensures that our products remain on the cutting edge of technology. Ease of use and effectiveness are characteristics which remain on our focus when developing our products.

Breathtaking Aesthetics

The visual appearance of our products is very important to our customers. This is where our exclusive Italian design comes into play. Our products are unique, just like our customers are!

Uncompromising Safety

We are very serious about delivering safe products to our end customers. Not only do we use the best materials and the safest manufacturing techniques available, but we also conduct extensive laboratory research and analysis on all of our products. This is to ensure that whatever we deliver to the end customer meets with even the most demanding safety standards and regulations.

Unmatched Client Support

When it comes to customer support, our policy is quite simple actually. We treat our customers in the same way we would like to be treated. We would like our clients to think of OVALE as their loyal ally against tobacco smoking!

2. Strategic Focus
Strategic Focus

Here at OVALE, we focus on delivering electronic smoking products that will turn the self-destructive habbit of smoking into a non-harmful pleasure.

  • We continously research and develop new concepts - Always striving for a product that is as close to perfection as possible.
  • We apply cutting edge technology during all phases of design and production. Thus, we are a pioneer in the field of R&D.
  • We put special emphasis on the purity and safety of our products. In the end, the health of our customers is what we care about.
  • We treat our customers in exactly the same way we would like to be treated.

We go far beyond selling electronic cigarettes - We pave the way to a healthier lifestyle!

3. Innovation

OVALE firmly understands that the only way to succeed in the competitive market of electronic smoking products is through continuous research,innovation and developement. Technology R&D is our cornerstone. It is the means by which we are able to present innovative products to our clients while simultaneously maintaining and solidifying our top position in the e-cigarette industry. We are continously fueling the research on all fields related to the design, production and improvement of our electronic smoking products. In conclusion Design-Technology R&D is the very core of OVALE. It is the very reason why OVALE Industries became and continues to be the pioneer in the field of electronic smoking products.

4. Partnership

We are always open to doing business with resellers who truly believe in our outstanding products. If honesty and integrity are values you possess and you also have a passion for serving customers in the competitive field of electronic smoking products then it is quite possible that we can cooperate. Don't hesitate to contact us! We are always friendly towards people who want to do business in the way business is meant to be done.

Welcome to Ovale, Welcome Home!

The Ovale brand has become synonymous with vaping and spread across continents to be represented in over a dozen different countries. This extensive spectrum of success is the ultimate indicator of our most valuable asset - your trust. We hire the brightest minds, carry out hairsplitting R&D, and continually work to improve our skills to serve you better in every possible regard. To be able to do so, we fully understand the need to 'think European, act local' and additionally customize our service to compensate for even the smallest regional difference to make your Ovale experience absolutely flawless. At Ovale, we feel vaping means fresh beginnings. At Ovale, we know vaping means healthier living.