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iStick 30W - Sub Ohm (Silver)

The 30W iStick is specifically made for sub ohm vaping with a very wide range of variable output voltage and wattage. The 30W iStick is capable of running at 30W and can fire at a very impressive 0.4Ω. Powered by a long-lasting 2200mAh battery, the 30W sub ohm iStick is perfect for vaping between 2V - 8V and 5W - 30W. It is equipped with a spring-loaded connection, stainless steel threading, and a fabulous design. If you enjoy vaping with box mods, you will definitely love OVALE's 30W sub ohm iStick!

Dimensions: 77mm x 23mm x 32.5mm
Compatibility: 510
Voltage: 2V to 8V
Wattage: 5W to 30W
Resistance Range: 0.4Ω - 5Ω
Capacity: 2200mAh

The 30W iStick lets you to choose voltage and wattage output levels between 2V - 8V and 5W - 30W. Variable voltage and wattage are great features that allow you to choose the strength of the throat hit. Add to that sub ohm vaping capability, and you have a superbly customized vape that gives you everything when it comes to box mods. The large-capacity 2200mAh battery lets you vape for hours before needing to be charged, but the sub ohm iStick isn't just about style or power, it's loaded with incredibly useful features. The iStick has passthrough technology that lets you vape while the box is being charged. Charging is simplicity itself; all you have to do is connect the USB charger to a USB port or use the wall adapter to charge it from the wall.

The 30W iStick is also a very practical ecigarette. To switch between variable voltage and wattage modes, you just click the button three times in a rapid manner. Even the display screen is high quality. Made with OLED technology, the crystal clear display shows power, resistance levels, voltage and wattage. The 30W iStick is made with safety in mind and features numerous protection systems such as low voltage and short-circuit protection. It also sports a cut-off time of 10 seconds - if the button is pressed for over 10 seconds, the battery shuts off automatically. It also features a button lock function that's great for protecting the buttons and prolonging the lifespan of your device. We should also mention the 510 connection is spring loaded, a mechanical feature that allows for a much better fit with 510 clearomizers. The box features a 22mm lip around the connection area for a perfectly streamlined look when using with 22mm clearomizers.

30W iStick Advantages:
  • Allows you to personalize voltage and wattage levels for a fully customized vape.
  • Sub ohm vaping for the best results in vapor amount and taste.
  • The large capacity 2200mAh battery means much longer vaping times.
  • Gives off massive clouds; delivers a very respectable throat hit.
  • Equipped with low voltage and short-circuit protection; has a cut-off time of 10 seconds.
  • Button lock function.
  • Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, specially made for stealth vaping.
  • Gives you full mobility; you can take it everywhere, vape it anywhere.
  • OLED display shows everything you need from voltage to power levels.
Διαθέσιμα Χρώματα
The 30W iStick Kit Contains:
1 X iStick 30W/2200mAh Sub Ohm Box Battery (Silver)
1 X USB Charger Cable
1 X 220V Wall Charger/Adapter
Summary: This kit contains one box battery. It does not include an atomizer. We would suggest the OVALE Delta II sub ohm clearomizer if you don't already own a quality atomizer. As with all e-cigarettes, you will also need e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your purchase.
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