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Sweet Grapes (0mg)

Sweet Grapes - Soft Tobacco e-Liquid (20ml)

First and foremost, Sweet Grapes is a gorgeously vibrant vape that delivers a sense of exhilaration with every single puff. It is indeed a sweet vape, but not overwhelmingly so. The tangy taste of grapes can be felt in the background as a complementary flavor. A very aromatic and versatile liquid, Sweet Grapes can be vaped at a wide range of output levels using different vaping gear. Regardless of hardware and settings, you will find the taste is always top notch.

Sweet Grapes has all the makings of vaping greatness. The vapor is thick, juicy and bursting with flavor; the tickle and tingle factor is an intense rush that vitalizes you with every delectable puff. It's an extremely well balanced liquid as well, it doesn't burn your throat going down. 100% in taste and performance, everything about Sweet Grapes is thought out and tested for your pleasure. Don't miss out on this tantalizing taste!

  • Certified Quality - ISO 9001
  • Contains zero nicotine.
  • Intended for responsible adult use only.

Manufactured by Life Italia Prodotti S.r.l - a licensed pharmaceutical company registered with the Italian Ministry of Health.

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