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elips-C Double Kit (Silver)

We all need a stylish e-cigarette that delivers flawless taste and an abundance of thick vapor. Best of both worlds, the elips-C is the ultimate answer to your needs!

The elips-C is the latest cutting-edge edition of the extremely esthetic elips series of e-cigarettes that is receiving constant praise around the world not only for its peerless design, but equally for its stellar performance. Vigorously rethought to offer much improved airflow in addition to ground-breaking internal technological developments, the elips-C now even uses eGo-C atomizers in its changeable system.

Want the absolute finest? We invite you to experience the elips-C, the final word in e-cigarettes!

Please note; elips-C, elips, and their respective parts are not compatible. It is important to note that elips-C batteries come deactivated so please remember to activate by clicking the button 5 times in a rapid manner.

elips-C Features:
  • Convenient tank system.
  • Easily changeable atomizer.
  • Manual battery for optimal control.
  • Dual fail-safe short-circuit protection.
  • Overcharge and low voltage protection.
  • Automatic time out to help prevent damage to the atomizer.
  • 5 click battery on/off toggle.
  • Pass-through charging.
Available Colors
The elips-C Kit Contains:
2 X Atomizer Head
2 X Atomizer Lock
2 X 350mAh Battery
2 X Mouthpiece
5 X Tank Cartridge
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X USB Wall Adapter
3 X Hygienic Mouthpiece Cover
1 X User Manual
3 X Replacement O-rings
Summary: This kit contains two complete e-cigarettes that allows two people to vape simultaneously. The kit does NOT include e-cigarette liquid so please be sure to order e-liquid along with your e-cigarette purchase. You might also want to purchase an additional charger in case you ever need to charge both batteries at the same time.
Absolutely Necessary Products:
Electronic Cigarette Liquid
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